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Yocan Evolve/Pandon Coils 5PC/PK

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Yocan's Evolve/Pandon coils offer a choice between quartz and ceramic materials, catering to different preferences and vaping experiences. The quartz coils are known for their rapid heating capabilities, delivering intense and flavorful vapor production almost instantly. On the other hand, the ceramic coils prioritize smoothness and consistency, offering a more gradual heating process that allows for longer, satisfying draws. Both options are designed with durability in mind, ensuring longevity and reliable performance for an enjoyable vaping journey. 

*Available in a 2-pack and a 5-pack*
*Compatible ONLY with the Yocan Evolve and Yocan Pandon*


- Ceramic Coil Option
- Quartz Coil Option

What's In The Box

- Evolve / Pandon Quartz Dual Coils

Yocan Evolve/Pandon Coils 5PC/PK Vaporizers Yocan