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Color — Black

The much awaited and anticipated Yocan Torch is back in action and better than ever! With new 2020 Yocan Colors and built upon the great features of its predecessor. This E-Nail is small and compact enough to go anywhere with you and with no extra fragile glass that can break easily. The Torch Can use a Regen Triple quartz coil or evolve plus coils. Now you can pack a huge hit on a triple coil with water filtration for nice smooth hits. It also has a very innovative and handy airflow button that you just press up and down to let air in to your rip or let much less outside air in.


- Regen Triple coils or Evolve plus Quartz coils
- Glass and Metal Tube
- 15s Per hit
- Male and Female Attachment

What's in the Box

- 1x Yocan Torch E-Nail
-1x Dual Quartz Plus Coil (Installed)
-1x Triple Quartz Regen Coil
-1x USB Cable
- 1x Glass Tube
- 1x Metal Tube
- 1x User Manual