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Yocan Evolve & Pandon Coil Cap 5PC/PK

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    The Yocan Evolve & Pandon Coil Cap is made to prevent the burned thick oil from leaking out of your Evolve Plus.  The cap allows you to maintain a more concentrated cloud and much thicker flavor and purest taste.  Less time to clean the whole atomizer, simply clean the coil with alcohol and warm water.

    Whats in the Box:

    - (5) Yocan Evolve & Pandon Coil Cap


    - Size:11.4mm diameter,8.5mm height
    - Material: Stainless Steel

    What's In The Box

    - 5x Yocan evolve and Pandon Coil Cap

    Yocan Evolve & Pandon Coil Cap 5PC/PK Vaporizers Yocan