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Yocan Red Series - Katana Torch

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Color – Black

    Yocan Red Series Katana Torch - A Tribute to Japanese Swordsmiths

    Celebrate tradition and craftsmanship with the Yocan Red Series Katana Torch. Designed to elevate your lighting experience, this torch combines style and functionality in one sleek design. Perfect for igniting candles, grilling, or lighting cigars.

    • Comfortable Katana-style Grip: Experience unparalleled comfort and control with its ergonomic katana-style grip, ensuring precision and ease of use with every flick.
    • Durable Construction: Engineered with heat-resistant alloy and polymer handle, the Red Series Katana Torch guarantees longevity and resilience even in the most demanding conditions.
    • Piezo Ignition Technology: Say goodbye to traditional flint lighters. With advanced piezo ignition technology, ignite your flame effortlessly with a simple push, eliminating the hassle of refilling and maintenance.
    • Windproof Flame: Whether indoors or outdoors, the Red Series Katana Torch boasts a windproof flame, ensuring reliable performance even in windy environments, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.
    • Adjustable Flame Settings: Tailor your flame to suit your needs with adjustable flame settings, providing versatility for various applications, from precision tasks to lighting cigars.
    • Thermochromic Muzzle: Watch the magic unfold as the thermochromic muzzle changes color with the heat, adding a touch of visual appeal to your lighting experience.
    • Single Torch Flame: Enjoy the power and precision of a single torch flame, delivering a concentrated heat source for efficient and reliable lighting every time.

    - Powerful Flame: 2500°F
    - Ultra Long 12" Flame
    - Table Guard
    - Flame Lock
    - Trigger Start
    - Windproof
    - Flame Guard
    - Free Standing
    - Comfort Grip
    - Butane Powered: 8g Capacity/ Leak-Resistant

    What's In The Box

    - 1x Katana Torch
    - 1x Owners Manual

    Yocan Red Series - Katana Torch
    Yocan Red Series - Katana Torch
    Yocan Red Series - Katana Torch
    Yocan Red Series - Katana Torch
    Yocan Red Series - Katana Torch
    Yocan Red Series - Katana Torch